Welcome and thank you for the privilege of sharing biblical meditation with you. To learn how to meditate biblically is a decision that will not only revolutionize your life but also bring you into a relationship with the Lord that most people only dream about. However, it is not, as many may think, some mystical experience or jumping thru hoops to achieve a spiritual nirvana. To the contrary, biblical meditation is surprisingly simple, typical of the way the Lord does things.
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The mission of the Biblical Meditation Centre is unique. Though you'll need help for a while to learn biblical meditation, after you learn how to do it, a drastic change will take place: The Holy Spirit himself will become your teacher, teaching you from the book he wrote, the Bible. When this happens, you have truly entered the promised land. Once you are there, the possibilies are limitless.
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How does one get started on the process of learning Biblical Meditation?
A process as simple as inhaling the air you breathe will enable you to enter a spiritual dimension  only  comparable to the bliss Adam and Eve experienced in their fellowship with God before the fall. This being so, why are so few experiencing it?
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We are still much involved in the task of moving mountains. How many and how far depends upon our faith, but regardless of the outcome, the task is a marvelous opportunity to grow in Christ.
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